Beyond the abstract and the concrete, Vernissage 17.09.2014 ab 19:00 Uhr, L’espace de l’espèce, Berlin


With works by Victoire Decavèle, Jennifer Eberhardt, Amy Goodwin, Rieko Hotta, Ida Koitila, Christian Juan Page, Stefan Reiss, Clémentine Rettig, Yooree Yang

special guest: Petr Dub

performances by: Adam Goodwin, Jennifer Eberhardt

special: Collections by Beware Creative

On two floors you can encounter 10 artistic works rendering materiality in their own special ways, having one thing in common: they are neither abstract nor concrete. United by the concerted approach to the medium itself the works are seeking to deviate from dichotomies, genres and disciplines: the exhibtion pursues to revitalizise contents – without any obvious reference. The transcendantal moment encountered throughout the works and the exhibition’s extended program exceeds towards their physicality: “Hyperobejcts have finally done what decades of avant-garde experimentation have been unable to do: they have broken forever the aesthetic frame separating the viewer from the viewed and producing the aesthetic effect of distance, which Walter Benjamin called aura.” Timothy Morton

The exhibited works are open up and we encounter them without any concrete horizons. Their physicality constitutes their variety, reaching a point where relations dissolve. Without ending up in a moment of no return the works avoid non-refernciality by reaching a higher form of representation far beyond our presence: looking for a zero-person perspective. We are not talking about l’art pour l’art, neither dealing with any media syncretism, but embodiments of the artists, in their work and within the spectator. Those moments of encounter and embodiment being the culmination and essential elements of the works themselves.

Extended program during the Art Week:

17.09., 19h, Opening: Beyond the Abstract and the Concrete

17.09., 20h: Live music performance

19.09., 20h: Performance

20.09., 19h: Opening: Collections by Beware Creative

18.-20.09.: Live Painting by Beware Creative

Exquisite wine tasting from hungary by Borstore

and food catering by Barker Bites

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